Sunday, August 14, 2011

Applying what was learned

Oh boy, the kids are coming back from two months at camp.  Now I get to test what I learned.  And, observe how I change with this new dynamic, and how my relationship with my husband changes with this new dynamic.  I believe we call this "walking the walk."

It is easier to live alone because the only person you have to negotiate with is yourself; and sometimes that is enough.

Two people make it interesting, like a dance.  Lots of room for closeness, then popping away, trying new moves apart and together and even facing in opposite directions sometimes.

Three or more, and anything can happen.  Sometimes it looks choreographed so well that it takes one's breath away.  But then, one enterprising person might decide to try a new step which upsets the choreography, but in the long run elevates the entire group to an entirely new approach.  Or, there might just be general mayhem with everyone spinning in their own orbits.

In my case, these additional three are wonderful young people who are in the midst of learning to be adults while still very much being my children.  Messy, brilliant, frustrating, amazing, argumentative, loving and generally more than I ever will have expected.  They will never disappoint me, although it seems like that on a really bad day.  I hope I don't disappoint them.

I am going to jump ahead a couple of years, and make a future observation.  When I began my next "career" and work with people who I am not related to, helping them to solve problems in their organizations or companies, and to improve how they communicate, I think I might be bringing some valuable experience.

Here's to the end of camp, and the beginning of the next legs of our journeys!

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