Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm refueling, not raising my debt ceiling!

I took a hiatus and now after the end of the school year and some busy work I am back.  I have had a very productive hiatus, and am feeling restored.

Right at this very moment I am sitting in a cabin in Colorado, which has been a goal of mine for the past several years.  It is peaceful and exciting all in the same space.  I really needed a break from the heat and congestion of New York City.  In order to successfully live in a challenging place like New York City I have to leave, regularly.  I haven't done that over the past year and it exacted a toll.  Now, I feel like my fuel tank is getting refilled.

June and July were action-packed.  One daughter was in Comedy of Errors in a theater on the lower Eastside of NYC.  In the middle of that our 1998 Dodge minivan was stolen right from in front of our block in a very safe neighborhood.  One daughter was working on an IMovie about Lemurs.  Our son was tying up loose ends in order to spring free for his long-awaited summer.  Then the kids needed to get to camps in the "north countries" of New York and Vermont.  Thank God for my wonderful father-in-law and all of his support!

In that short expanse of time I learned about being an owner of a stolen vehicle and an owner of a new "used" vehicle purchased from a dealership located in the outlying Bronx.  Even though I have a detective named Angel he has not miraculously found my stolen minivan.  Apparently, someone needed it more than us.

Our home is clean, neat and somewhat decluttered with the help of wonderful Teresa and amazing Dawn Falcone.  I've been to Yankees' games we lost and games we won.  I played my first 9 holes of golf.  We visited our happy children in their camps. 

Finally, we took a ferry to Block Island for a week with the dogs and real restoration began.  I have a tan, the dogs had a field all to themselves, and I reconnected with a friend from several years ago.  Sometimes it seems that nothing big changes on Block Island, and that is comforting because it is perfect just as it is.  I even walked around the Ancient Labyrinth asking myself what I am really seeking.  That must be how I ended up here in a cabin in Colorado.  Among the Aspen trees which sing in the wind, with the sound of a stream and train whistles in the background.  Alone, with my soul mate for a few more weeks.

I like refueling.

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