Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We all matter

I apologize for the lack of posts since August, and before.  Such a complicated summer, with Mom's death, a health condition for Mr T our dog, and then the transition (if that is what I can call it) into the fall.  The unexpected and difficult loss of Mom continues to shape my days.  I am not devastated, but times when I would pick up the phone because I know she would have a view are gone.  I wonder, often, where her spirit is--although it is just over my shoulder at times.  I feel sad for me, and everyone else in her life, that we will no longer have her there to call, talk with, ask for help, celebrate with.

In September, I spent a week in Michigan, both in Ann Arbor and in Mom's house.  I was looking for shades of me in all of her belongings, as well as honoring the doll collection that she had.  We drove back a car full of stuff that will remind me of her, and our family, in my own home.  And, I will go again and find more.  Now, there are so many photos, things she used in her baking, Christmas decorations, other things that will live on through their use, and eventually her engagement and wedding ring to pass onto my own children.  Driving back into town was surreal because I left for good at 19.  The only reason I returned was to see my family; and now there is a situation to be finished.  She and Dad set it up, and just like honoring the doll collection, I honor the intention.

Among the stuff, I found shades of who I was then.  It shouldn't be surprising because she knew who I am now because she was always involved in my life.  There are loads of photos of her happily being a wife, mother, friend, contributor, grandmother, and great grandmother.  And, loads of photos of her being the explorer and communicator she was.  She straddled being a vibrant member of her small town community with being a citizen of the world, and that is powerful.  She taught me that everyone is a person, no matter what their title or background.  We all matter.  That is a lesson that has underlaid my life.

Since returning, much of my time is starting to be once again filled with my business and game.  Yesterday, I met with my bookkeeper for the first time.  In the next few weeks 1,000 copies of OPTION PLAY will arrive.  I will have a launch and will start talking about and playing OPTION PLAY, signing clients up for a RUBY SLIPPERS workshop.   The wonderful women who have been such a huge part of my journey have bee there for all of those steps. is coming along, thanks to Susanne Schropp (Diva Design)!  Karen Raugust (Raugust Communications) has worked her magic on the wording of cards and communication materials.  Karen Matsu Greenberg (Hourglass Press) is guiding the production and arrival of those games.  Paige (Paige Media) has already made a video that is going to go live very soon so everyone can meet me, and hear about OPTION PLAY from awesome people who I have been blessed to know.  Alisa Cohn (Alisa Cohn & Assoc.) is keeping my journey on track, no matter the storms.

I will retire this blog in the very near future, as I move to blogging at
My website is chugging along.  Soon, there will be a direct way to order.  In the meantime if you want to ask questions, leave a comment, or find out more information please send me a Tweet @smallstepsgo2 or an email at