Sunday, December 7, 2014

Connected We Are: Do you want to Learn How To Select a College?

This week is going to be busy!  Like that is new, ha ha ha..

I am having an adult focus group tomorrow with a group of wonderful adults who have been in this adventure from the beginning!  One is a documentary filmmaker whose work I need to put up in my list of useful links.  One is a homeschool mentor, who is positive and peaceful.  One has ended a career as an education reporter.  One is a skier and game maker.  One is a journalist.  One is a strong, articulate person who makes me marvel at whatever she does.  Everyone is a parent and someone who helps the world evolve toward a better place for all of us to be.

Our work tomorrow is to play the most recent incarnation of One Scene at a Time, formerly Risk It.  We will learn how to play it, rip it to shreds, talk about it and I will try to find college students to give it a go, as they are the ones who I would want to use this.

Later, I will have a catch up Skype call to learn about my Emergent Media Center team's work on concepts for Enter the Cave.

And, now I am looking for focus group participants for Look Where You Are Going.  It is for high school students who think college would be a good direction.  And, that is where a new idea has been planted!  I got an email from KHAN ACADEMY.  I have been invited to become a Khan Academy AMBASSADOR!!  No matter that this offer has probably been sent out to a few others; the important thing is that it was sent NOW to me.  What a wonderful connection!  So, I have decided to offer a class called LEARNING HOW TO SELECT A COLLEGE through Khan Academy.  The lovely thing about Sal Khan's creation is that anyone with a computer can use it, right?  So, if you know someone who is interested in taking LEARNING HOW TO SELECT A COLLEGE, please open a Khan Academy account and find:

Class code: 78VR3J

It may work more easily if you go onto www.khanacademy/a/genevievegriffin

Oh yes, then I just finished reading TRIBES by Seth Godi.  Are you, dear blog reader, a member of my tribe?  I believe everyone has a right to education that has a good fit.  My thinking is a bit out of the box.  I love listening to people's stories.  I believe we are all connected.  I have little patience in doing something just because we are told to, unless I can unearth the reason why.  I believe we are connected by that reason, why.