Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Does Success Look Like?

This question stopped me in my tracks.  I have not been able to answer the question.
I love my life but there has always been that little nudging voice saying there was something missing. Well, I wouldn't say missing.  And, I wouldn't say there isn't a load of things I could be doing with my time that would be helpful.  But, I think of those people who needed to find the answer to something or needed to get the painting correct or the note right or the line with just the right amount of feeling.  And, it really didn't have anything to do with someone else.  Yes, it is gratifying to have an audience or promoter or peanut gallery; someone to tell you that you are doing it right.  And, there are days when all I can find is someone to tell me that, "no, you are not doing it correctly!"
But, ultimately, I am the one who makes the determination.

So, what DOES success look like?  I am sitting at a table filled with games, notes, books and cutout magazine articles looking on a room carpeted with very old carpeting.  There are piles of new wood that will be replacing the carpeting very soon.  Out the window is a lake.  The lake is perfect.
  I did not create the lake, and it is so big there is no chance I can control it.  All I can do is look on in awe, and listen to the lapping of the waves, the cries of the loons and the shadows from the passing clouds.  No matter what I do I will never even approach that kind of success.  I can have the floor laid.  Soon, I will be able to use a really awesome shower.
  I walked up and down a driveway that was laid by someone who really cares about dirt and rocks.

  I am deeply touched by all of those things, but they have nothing to do with what my success looks like.

I am designing games.  Boy, I have been doing that for a while.  And, I am making a lot of progress.  One does not announce that she is having a child and then present it.  It takes time and development.  I forgot about that as I leaped into this game designing thing.  But, even though it is taking longer than I thought I am doing it.

I now have two pro types and a good start on two manuals.  I have returned to one of the first chapters in my old game design textbook to once again trip on the question:  What is the objective of the game?  I opened up the Lawsuit game to read about its objective.  I really want to call all of the students I know and ask them what they think.  But, I have to take a stab, and maybe make a mistake.

Objective of the game:  Succeed at Going to College 101?  Increase the Effectiveness of Navigation Skills?  Get the Most Tokens?  Make it to the Top of the Hill?