Friday, January 8, 2016

Evicting that which I stumble on

Happy New Year 2016

I symbolically ripped off the last calendar page of 2015 and began anew by working through a list of questions from the Chopra group.  List my accomplishments, list my challenges, list what I am grateful for, list what I still want to is kind of like doing an exercise plan or yoga class.  Don't think about it too much and just do it!  This is not the way I spend most of my time, and in reflecting on 2015 that was a problem.

During my first yoga class of 2016, Mary (yoga teacher and wise woman) spoke about the connection between calendar and Kali.  Kali is a goddess not known for happily going with the flow or even caring.

Again, for me, not who I perceive myself to be.  And, I must say, the calendar as a symbol of time has not been happily going with the flow or even caring.  This past year contained many incredibly positive accomplishments (resulting from hard work, but accomplishments they are)

  • Small Steps Go Places ®
  • OPTION PLAY (prototype)
  • ENTER THE CAVE (prototype)
  • Small Steps Go Places Inc.
  • Numerous visits with groups of high school and college students, residential life staffs, guidance counselors, international student orientation providers resulting in lots of feedback about OPTION PLAY
  • ENTER THE CAVE development and game plays
  • Christmas season celebrations!!

and also much loss, hurt, and discomfort:

  • Feather died
  • Gram died
  • Melissa died
  • Health issues for people whom I love
  • Squirrel in my linen closet
  • Crazy people doing and saying startling things
  • NY State escapees
  • Violent world events

  It was balanced many times, for sure.  And, isn't that what I was seeking --- balance?

Which brings me back to the new year...
I have taken ideas, hopes, and dreams and with much work, focus, passion and support turned them into actual things.  Hey, I have a TRADEMARK!!  It is not KLEENEX ® or SKIPPY® but it is way cool to be able to put my ® on Small Steps Go Places ® because that is ME.  
And, I have two PROTOTYPES of GAMES!!  I have to go back to those earlier blog posts and see if I actually thought I would do that.
And, I now have an S-Corp, which means I am an ENTREPRENEUR!

My husband and I share a funny phrase:  It's all Genevieve, all the time...   and that is what this all is.

And, now for the reason for the title:  despite all of this living, working, and all Genevieve, I still am walking around with that unwelcome voice stuck inside of my head that let's me know it is:

  • not enough
  • not real
  • not good
  • not valuable
  • embarrassing
  • too out there
  • unclear
  • not functional, and the list goes on and on.

OK, I know that I am not the only person renting mind space to this most unhelpful voice.  And, I have had more than my share of working with people who have ideas for showing these messages to
 I think it is time to EVICT this unhelpful voice because I think it is time for me to grow and make

THIS IMAGE:                                            INTO SOMETHING MORE PROACTIVE!

THAT IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO!!  I have accomplished some things and no one knows about me.  Inviting people to know about me means risking rejection and questions (ugghh) and means I need to state what my goal is (yipes!!).  But, people going to college more prepared to do their own work, and having fun learning about it, is what I am all about!!

So, I am taking a huge risk by saying out in the light that I need to SHARE, TRY, AND EXPERIENCE REJECTION.  Remember, it's all Genevieve all the time so chances are I will figure out how to deal with these things and grow from them.

1.  I want to celebrate the fact that I have made a lot of progress. 

2.  I do not want to just accept others questioning what I do, because as one of the very wise women in my life says "it's an opportunity."  Let me use the opportunity.

3.  I need feedback.  Right now I am wondering what scenarios international students, and students who go to college in a different geographical area from their upbringing, deal with.
It seems to be too difficult to make comments on my blog so send me an email at

4.  Are you going to college in the fall, are you a residential life person, a guidance counselor, or a parent trying to help their child be prepared to have a growthful college experience?  Send me an email and I will try to send you a prototype of OPTION PLAY.  I say "try" because sending things domestically works but I do not know about internationally.  That falls under "opportunity."