Monday, July 9, 2012

Avatars and the golden ticket

The weather has taken a break from hot, hot and humid and is a bit delightful today.  It has been a good day.  I talked about my game and got some great ideas for the next step.  Does anyone have ideas for avatars?  How to disguise learning so that it is fun?  I have some really good ideas that have been unlocked.  Sometimes the best laid plans and intentions are just not good enough.  Sometimes I have to accept the fact that I am really just a tool or conduit, and I should focus on making my part really good instead of trying to make the whole thing a success.

What is it about us as a human race that wants to be the winner and holder of the golden ticket?  I find it difficult, as I age, to give up some sort of control hold.  I live a charmed life but it is never good enough because I haven't done that successful thing.  But, now I wonder what is that successful thing that I am grasping at?

So, I return to what I am finding that I am good at doing.  How can I make what I want people to do -- fun?  And, I have never said they have to be who they really are.  So, how do I insert avatars?  I guess the real question is how can I help people pretend to be who they want to be for the moment, and take the steps that I help lay out?  Could I take a trip as someone else?  Hhmmmm...who would my avatar be?  Maybe a wild-haired drummer or guitarist in a rock and roll band who also listens well. hair, yellow hair, black hair?