Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Small Steps really do Go Places

I can't believe it has been two months since my last blog post.  So much has happened!  Where do I begin?

Today, I spent the morning with Paige Wilhide who is the magic behind

"As you know, every business (no matter how small) needs video, but not every business actually DOES video and does it well.  So by taking this step to implement video into your online strategy, you are ten steps ahead..."

This morning, I was nervous, sure that this was a horrible idea, sure that nothing would work, that the men working with jack hammers on my building would choose the moment the camera rolled to start, that no one would show up...need I go on?  Paige, Eric, and Mary arrived exactly on time and began setting up.  Virginia, Lillian, Henri, Gabby, and Nick all arrived.  Emma and Chris were hugely supportive and did all the right things.  The workers told me they knew I needed the jackhammers to be quiet for my project.  Paige guided us all through the many steps of making a video promoting OPTION PLAY.  The many testimonials from these unbelievable people in my life, who have helped in the development or playing of OPTION PLAY, touched me very, very deeply.  It was an awesome experience, and I can't wait to see the first cut!

Move backward and you will realize this is a hugely important day that crowns a month of lots of small steps and big leaps:

  • Chris gives his internship presentation after working with me for over a month.
  • We go to the NYU Game Center open play where I play with members of Girls Inc., and various NYU open play participants. 

  • Strategy calls with my CPA, Paige, and Karen (card production).
  • Learning about Licensing (and Branding) from Karen Raugust
  • Connecting with Neal Raisman ( who helps colleges change to lower attrition, and who successfully became a kidney transplant recipient!
  • At Chris's suggestion and support, had a game play at Fordham Prep with a group of seniors in Erica Keough's guidance class.
  • Had a breakfast game play with 14 Residence Directors and Justin Muzzi, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Leadership, Development and Training at Fordham University (and amazingly positive human being!)
  • Game play with the PTA from Frank McCourt High School.
  • Parent focus group for OPTION PLAY.
  • Meeting with Dr. Jill Brickman (psychologist) to discuss wording of scenarios, and possible other scenarios like focusing on overuse of social media and executive skills)
  • Game play with small but vocal group of University of Michigan freshman ("I really like the feel of these cards...It is better to have a card game because players are actually talking with one another across the table.)
Finally, I want to thank Susanne Schropp who is the uber-networking queen behind so many of the positive connections in my Small Steps journey.  At the beginning of these two months Chris and I had a valuable meeting with her about design and this process.  Success comes only when we are open to the connections that flow our way!

Phew!  It was extremely helpful to write down the steps I have been taking.  And, this does not include all of the other things that have been going on--but that is another story...