Friday, August 5, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

I was watching the first dvd from the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts the other night, and heard Paul Simon sing "Here Comes the Sun".  He commented that this was written by a dear friend of his.  So, I did some investigation, and I think George Harrison wrote it.

Even if George didn't write it, I have now purchased his version of it on ITunes, along with several other songs I found while investigating.  Those guys at ITunes are very sneaky.  I'm looking for something specific and then I find myself bathed in wonderful music.  But, because most of the music that is purchased from ITunes in my house is on my computer, I also listen to Rihanna, Eminem and K'naan.  And, I have been to a Lady Gaga concert with my husband, not our kids.

So, what does this have to do with my blog?

I love connecting; with people, people with other people, ideas with people, solutions with problems.  I have been doing some written exercises about what I like, what I'm good at and why this is important.  A break away from everyday life, in a place I've wanted to spend time in, with no dogs or kids, and a daily hike is a GREAT time to do written work.  So now I have some written lists that in which I have highlighted words, analyzed and grouped similarities, and can maybe explain in less than my usual 20 minutes what direction I am taking.  I think this might be good.

I read Ellen Airgood's (author of South of Superior) blog and loved how she shares about her life.  I read Jonathan Fields' blog and felt some kindred observations.  I am hoping that I can write so it will be easy to read or you will leave the page feeling I have helped you to reframe a situation.

When I was young, and watching a lot of tv, I remember seeing an advertisement for BASF.  Their line was "we don't make things, we make them BETTER."  That struck me then, and it still strikes me.  I am a recycler and a reuser.  I want to help people do what they do MORE EFFICIENTLY or MORE EFFECTIVELY.  Or, I want them to realize the answers are right there among their people, if they could just tilt the focus a little.

So, I haven't learned anything new about myself by because I have experience my observations have more depth.  And, I am deeply grateful to be staying in a place built by people who appreciate the awesome natural beauty that surrounds it.  George's voice is fragile compared to Eminem's, but it is perfect to usher the sun into my day.  It makes me very happy.

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