Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting back to square one

Wow!  It's back-to-school time.  I feel like this is such a multi-layered statement this morning.

The world's financial markets, and everything connected, sound like they would all like to get back to some earlier point of stability.  Was it really a stable point?  Or was it just a strange innocence?  That one is way beyond what I would like to tackle this morning.

My personal world, at the moment, is all about tying up the loose ends and reviewing what I have planned for the fall.  I had dinner with some really interesting and lovely people last night; all parents.  We were considering a couple of big questions about education:  what do we need to teach our children and what sort of careers will they be moving toward?  Age-old questions, right?

I'm feeling that it is not about the specific areas of content, although it is good to know about history, to read classics, to be able to develop a solid paragraph.  It's about having a suitcase filled with tools, and knowing how to use them no matter what the situation.  And, figuring out what really feels important and interesting -- aka, identifying a passion.

I'm hoping that during this school year I can stay focused on this with my kids.  I'm also hoping that they can learn to use those tools and passions effectively when they move into the swirling waters of the bigger world!

Recently, I have decided to re-read Getting to Yes, to help me to not get caught in the details of the daily negotiations of life.  I'm feeling like sending a couple hundred copies to Congress.  In my fantasy world I go do a workshop about effective communication with those people!

Ok, it's time to take the dogs out and get into the day.  I'm headed in the direction of "square one."

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