Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Piloting the ship

It is amazing to me that we get to know people in completely different circumstances and then find they have accomplished big things in what they chose to do for a living. And, that finding that "living" was just as messy as my own "finding".  I write that as I am looking at an interview with Nobel laureates from 2008, one who is a dog owner in my neighborhood.  The Nobel fact popped out during a larger conversation yesterday, and it was no big deal.  And, when I shared that I had very recently called my grad school advisor, this kept the conversation going.

I am observing that when people are doing what they feel they are supposed to it is not necessary to point out that we are being cool when others are not.  That is not really true anyway.

It is difficult to stay the course.  Yet, when we (I) do life moves more seamlessly.  And, we can be much more helpful to others.

This past week has been amazing to me.

  • I visited the Residential Life department of a local college.
  • I have been open to and made loads of connections to begin filling in a constellation of communication. 
  • My goal is to identify three people in a college in all 50 states, that would benefit from using OPTION PLAY.
  • I called my graduate school advisor, who is a GAME DESIGNER, and inspired this journey!
  • I hosted the BIG PLAY for ENTER THE CAVE.
  • I had a spectacular lunch and dinner with very, very dear friends.
Now, I need to write out the answers to questions for Kick Starter and for a beginning presentation for funders.

In looking back at the list, there are so many I's!  Nothing could have or can happen without everyone in my life, but I must pilot this particular ship.  Earlier in my life I did not lead very comfortably, and perhaps there are moments like that now.  But, on this particular journey, it is the picture in my imagination that I am trying to bring to life.  May I continue enjoying this journey, and may the I's expand into we's.

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