Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Learn to solve your own problems..."

Yesterday:  I have created games that I feel very, very good about.  Now comes developing and executing a plan to market them.  I can't tell you how messy my worktable is!!

Okay, I feel pretty overwhelmed right now.  There are index cards, thoughts, questions and lists pulling at me from all directions.

I need to learn about The American Freshmen.
I need to find international students to help write the scenarios that will become my International Student, and "I'm am not from where my college is" edition.
I need to figure out what makes a training pack.
I need to make a presentation for Kickstarter.
I need to meet Frank Bruni.
I need to read the article penned by the Stanford admissions person about helicopter parents.*
And, I am working on finding a First Year Experience and International Student connection in a college in all 50 states (Wisconsin and West Virginia are done).

And, that is just what has come to mind in the last minute.

Also, dinner, dog walk, switching clothes to fall/winter, emails for food for Thanksgiving, and getting ready to go to Ann Arbor this weekend!!

Whew, I feel better now...

Today:  I am reading the Washington Post article about helicopter parents, and yes, I can be one.  Just ask my creative, interesting, and very capable children.  But, there is often a sway that happens when an opinion hits the news stands. (Coffee=Bad, Coffee=Good)  How about the middle road?

*Helicopter Parenting article

So, why does someone become a helicopter parent?  In my experience, this would include lack of trust of the "experts," lack of understanding that a little communication can go a long way, disbelief that anyone can appreciate my children the way I can, and perhaps an overwhelming awe that kids these days can have SO MANY opportunities (and wanting to get in on that).

Oh, yes, middle road...

Learning means taking some chances, trying to make things work, taking what we are reading or doing and using it in either the same way or a different way, and owning the results.  Getting an A or getting IN is just the beginning.
Once a person has that accomplishment DOES IT RUN?

My games are based on experiential learning.  That means controlled RISK TAKING, TRIAL AND ERROR, considering situations that really will happen maybe before they do.

I just had a wonderful coffee break with Lily, a parent who I have had the pleasure to meet at school.  I am not good at small talk -- and I talk a lot, and Lily made me feel happy and accomplished regardless of how much I talked.  She is the inspiration for today's post.  Self-reliance is the gift that keeps on giving!!

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