Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm registered!

Today appears to be the 100th post of Small Steps, and I NOW HAVE A REGISTERED TRADEMARK!  This leg of my journey grew out of the realization that when I Googled Small Steps Go Places my blog came up first.  The gift came when I acted on that realization!  Yoga, Meditation, Alisa and perhaps most of all my own focus and drive has grown out of that gift.

I have spent just a few minutes looking through past posts.  Overall, I can see the steps I have taken.  I seem to be staying true to my own focus.

Now, it is going to get interesting.  I have to go back to All Marketers are Liars (Seth Godin), and figure out how to explain in a video what I have done (for Kick Starter?)

But, regardless, today I am Registered!

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