Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Playing OPTION PLAY is the place to begin

Last night was my "first" event to share OPTION PLAY and ENTER THE CAVE.  I want to thank Book Culture

for providing the place for me to host, and the attendees for coming.  The majority of folks who came have known me, and have been instrumental in the success of this project.  This event gave me the opportunity to share progress with them.  And, we had one new person from a program which will become a new direction for users of my games.

Today has been an opportunity to debrief, look at what could be a better representation of what I want, and setting up my calendar for the next month.

I realize that playing the games, at this time, is the place to start.  The experience of playing leads to examining the value of my games.  So, to successfully play and discuss requires a streamlined and comfortable spot.  That will be one of the first things I need to find.

Then, I need to determine pricing.  This is new.  Also, putting together the presentation of the game for retail and for training.

This all begins with me and who I am.  It is so difficult to acknowledge that.  I keep looking for the person in the polished suit with the 40 years of experience and the Power Point presentation.  But, that person did not have the idea for these games, or put the work in, talk with the people, learn from the students who shared their scenarios, invest in the EMC, or take the chances necessary for progress to happen.  That would be me.

A possibility...putting these on Amazon with a link here so you can buy them.  What do you think?

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