Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Will Be Revealed

Today, it has felt like riding atop a dolphin or whale.  Not much for me to hold onto, great view and moving fast with moments of being completely overwhelmed.  Except, there is something for me to hold onto--I have developed it from hours of reading and doing.  I guess it is just my dramatic flair that needs to come out periodically.

  • I am so lucky and blessed.

  • Today or tomorrow I am going to receive 200 prototype OPTION PLAY card games.  Diva Design is such a blessing!!
  • A young man named Edward is going to ask about what I have been doing and perhaps I can provide something useful to him in his journey.
  • Monday, I will host a play event for OPTION PLAY and ENTER THE CAVE. This endeavor encompasses so many people, and so much work!  It is my 1st event and I am excited to get to the other side!
  • I am setting up a meeting with Manhattanville College to play, and meet with Residential Life staff.
  • More questions are popping up:  how to develop an OPTION PLAY for Residential Life programs to use in training X how many colleges???
  • When is the PLAY ENTER THE CAVE going to happen?
More will be revealed....

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