Thursday, March 26, 2015

Be more prepared by playing my games.

I am taking a breather in sunny Florida, trying to finish Reality is Broken, learning about new games and taking a crack at a marketing plan.  What is the objective of my business?  BUSINESS??  I design games.  But, I have been pushing up against the question of WHY I am doing this?  My father-in-law and husband had no problem telling me what the objectives of their businesses are.  I wrote all of this stuff down....

Then, in the shower yesterday, I realized how scared I am that I can't deliver and that my belief in what I do is not enough.  For a brief moment I wallowed in the thought that I am the only one feeling like this; for a brief moment.

My objective is to give players a less risky opportunity to try scenarios that will make them more prepared as they enter unfamiliar territory.  My games make players more prepared.  Playing my games provide a less risky opportunity.  Going into an unfamiliar situation with some practice gives a player confidence.

Hey, I went to college without this opportunity to gain less risky practice!  I survived.  It was one of the most influential experiences of my life.  BUT, what if I had had that opportunity?  How would my life had been different?  Would I have been a doormat for my roommate?  (perhaps not) Would I have made the same choices? (perhaps not)  Would I have learned about choices I obviously didn't know about? (try using a new machine without the manual).   I think there is a lot of room for students having many, many new experiences that tax and stretch them, and to build on having a leg up when entering that new, unfamiliar college.

On to more marketing plan....

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."  Alan Kay

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