Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's Alarming

I have worked a great deal on the phrase "what you focus on, you attract."  It alters my thinking and acting.  My life has been transformed, especially over the past two or three months, as I just accept that what I create will provide value to those who play, and work to set myself and those creations up in the best position and light.  I get bombarded by questions and comments; some of them good and necessary but perhaps not timely.  Everything happens in it's best time if you let it.

And, then, there is trust -- of which I have little.  To be successful one needs to trust, and that is so, so, so hard for me.  It is a large symptom of being a control freak.  It is counter to my self.  It gets in the way of my creativity, and of me helping.  Sometimes, I just need to help.  That is part of a plan larger than I.  And, I need to believe that I am providing something valuable, and helpful.  Just believe it, just believe it and not let the questions and comments throw me off course.

I am working on marketing ONE SCENE AT A TIME.  First, however, I need a name that does not sound like an improv game.  This is a game that is both hilarious to play and that will leave players better prepared to successfully transition to college.  This game will be a great gift to buy for high school seniors and new college students because just reading through the scenarios will prepare players -- playing is like icing on the cake.  I wonder if a name about ALARM CLOCKS is good because getting up, getting to class, getting to a job, is so important.  It is ALARMINGLY IMPORTANT!  If one doesn't learn how to master awaking, getting in the shower or having that first cup of coffee/tea/something, then all of the wonderful opportunities in the world can exist but will gather dust.

More current questions are:  how much is it going to cost to make some prototypes for my gig at Book Culture in September?  Low expectation is 4 players show up, high expectation is 200 players show up.  How many prototypes do I need?  And, who is going to be my celebrity endorser?  I am reading Frank Bruni's new book Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be.  Maybe I should have tea with him!  Does anyone know Amanda Seyfried?  Does anyone have suggestions that would move them to pick up the box with my game?  I briefly entertained the idea of Mr. T ("I pity the fool who is not prepared for college...") but find myself feeling intimidated by the idea.

So, back to my table with my focus intact.  I am not opposed to attracting challenges or growth opportunities.  I do not want to attract negativity or gossip.  I do want to attract success and bigger dreams than I can currently imagine.

What are you focusing on right now?

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