Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pick your college carefully

I have been in Michigan.  I visited my mother and extended family there.  And, then I went back to Ann Arbor.  My alma mater and the place I will always love.  It was busy; full of people going and doing anything you could imagine.  There were tired, overworked looking students, hipsters, international students, students from city, country and in-between.  People were walking with professors, friends, teammates, co-workers, co-conspirators.  Books and computers were everywhere!  Students were just very, very busy.  There was no air of entitlement or edge.  Winter is almost over and joy is springing up.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Clonlara School
 to play LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING and invite students to critique it there, and to fill out a survey on Google Forms.  Those students seemed a b  it frightened about heading into the college application process or hear from the colleges to which they had applied.

Hey, who is working for whom?  Is School Broken?

The vision of busyness and vitality (and I am aware that there is a good amount of naivete in my observation) makes me feel hopeful, and excited.  I hope for a good fit for all applicants.  That means the road to college is filled with challenge, risk, reward and unknown turns.  And, that it leads to a place so full of opportunities you can't even imagine it right now.

Don't let the name of a college take your focus from finding a good fit!

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