Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is the student in your life ready to choose a college?

If I believe that I can make a "dent in the universe" with the game about the college process then I should feel good about sharing some aspects of it, and I do.  I feel that a "good fit" is important.  I believe that when I get this game to a place where families, students, teachers and counselors can use it, that it will improve their experience with this complicated process.

Step 1 will be for students alone to complete, but for right now students can draw a picture of an avatar for themselves.  Reflect what characteristic defines you to the outside world!  Are you an athlete, scholar or something that doesn't fit into the regular categories?

Then comes an important question:  College or No College?  Have you really truly thought about the answer to this question?  I'm working on a concrete comparison!  And, it will involve knowing how much your loan payments will be at the end of college.

How about What Frames Choosing a College?  I bet most students base their initial choices on Location or Size, right?    There is so much more.

Try this:  Look at this very short list (there are more) and make a list of Important and Not Important.

Family affiliation
Sports to play
Sports to watch
Know people who are going
Want to get away from parents
Want to recreate self

Then choose the top 3.

Oh!  Go back three spaces...
How do you move from a high school or home model to a college model?
Are you in your own room?  Do you wait to be told what to do?  Can you do your own laundry?  Do new experiences make you energized or does it make you break out in a sweat?

Finally (for now), are you an early riser or a night owl?  Are you a neat freak, a lover of piles, or do you not care as the debris rises around you?  You are paired up with your opposite -- that means really living with another human being in a small space daily.  Who gets who up?  Who decides the condition of the room? And, who gets to decide what goes into the mini-fridge?

Enough for now...

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