Thursday, March 10, 2016

Staying Away from the Changeup

People don't resist change. They resist being changed. Peter Senge

Finding this quote has become essential to me as I move from doing what seems to come naturally to doing what needs to be done.  Initially, the quote looked like an explanation but now it looks like a method.

I realize that throughout my life I haven't wanted to invent something that never existed before, rather, I believe I can help people do what they do in a better way. It is easier now to see where my asking "why?" so often came from.  Filtering through a game encourages players to address real situations while they are flirting with being someone or something else.  My "whys" are no longer as important as my "tries".  

Since 2012, I have learned about high school student, counselor, and parent concerns regarding going to college from focus groups and research. Students work hard academically in high school, and also want their concerns about going to college validated. Counselors balance the application process, producing graduates, and feeling confident about sending their students on to the next step. Parents want their children to succeed, and are at times less appreciative of the importance of trial and error, because they are busy taking care of so much. 

I believe I can help all of these people do what they do more effectively.

According to Senge, there are four challenges in initiating changes.

There must be a compelling case for change (that would be learning to go to college)
There must be time to change (that must be made now)
There must be help during the change process (that would be my games)
As the perceived barriers to change are removed, it is important that some new problem, not before considered important or perhaps not even recognized, doesn't become a critical barrier (that would be a player holding onto who they are, while learning to adapt)

I believe I can help people do what they need to in a better way.

And, then, the next step beckons to me:  Getting Things Done.

The President, Dalai Lama, Prime Minister, Queen, and all the rest of us start our days with the same breath.  And, we all strive to get things done.  What those things are make up the textures of our lives.  
What do I need to do at the moment?  I need a website!?  People are asking, and it is about time I finished this particular task.  Let me try out Mr. Senge's observations:

Compelling case:  I NEED a website.  Not having a website is holding my journey back!
Time to change:  I am piloting this ship, so NOW
Help:  Diva Design, Square Space, what I need to say and offer
New Problem?  I do not know how to do this, and so it becomes another thing to figure out, and I feel overwhelmed, scared, and befuddled.

People don't resist change.  They resist being changed.  I am resisting being changed because I want someone else to do this for me, and I really need to do it myself.     OK, that feels, better...

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