Friday, January 30, 2015

Steps can be small but they are still steps

I am trying something new; for those of you on Face Book you can now visit my Community Page:  Small Steps Go Places.  I am testing whether it is valuable to promote what I do in this way.

I welcomed Eva's help today.  She and I talked about what will go on the playing cards for One Scene At A Time, if scoring is a good idea and she introduced a whole new take on the game (more on that later).  Then she plowed into the wording for scenarios.  I can envision my new website's area to test some of this wording.  Relevancy comes from players giving feedback, right?

In March I will be traveling to the Berkshire School to participate in Pro Vita.  I just read through the course book (and found my own course, and all of the other opportunities)) and am looking forward especially to meeting Wes Moore.  I must read more about the other speakers!

The wind is screaming here and the sky is filled with clouds.  I think we are headed toward more frigid weather -- good for staying inside reading and typing.

I am curious about challenges that students from places outside of the United States find when coming to the U.S. for college.

Numbers are just the tip of the iceberg

How about some vocabulary for starters?

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