Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Comfort Overrated?

I was sitting in Telluride, Colorado looking out the window at the unbelievable mountains capped in snow and thanking God that this place exists.
We are on the other end of the Christmas holiday, which was full and almost overwhelming with both work and blessings.  My life exists in fits and starts and is never plunking down the road at a comfortable pace.  Maybe "comfortable" is overrated.

The New Year brings a time of disillusionment.  The holidays just happened, with all of the running around, celebrating, reconnecting and being filled with wonder.  The holidays are over.  Now, the cold, stark winter looms before me (and us).  Well, that is almost poetic but there is still a cold, stark winter looming out there.  Or, maybe it is a clean slate to start filling…

I am looking at all of those chances that I don't want to regret not taking and wondering where to begin.
Backtracking to the time my family and I just spent in Telluride, I realize I could have stated that I needed to take a rest from skiing and just hung out in the condo or the spa.  But, that wouldn't be any fun.  So, instead, I met an amazing man who taught me so much about skiing (it is better if you understand the physics of skiing) and approaches to life (I am not ready to do that YET…)

Transitioning from the big city to Telluride and back is not for the faint-hearted.

Now that I am back I know that it is true if I understand the steps behind a situation and that distilling things down to what can get done today and what has to wait until tomorrow makes it all doable.
Some things are just unpleasant but that doesn't mean they are incapacitating, right?

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