Sunday, March 27, 2011

We have liftoff

How many times have I heard that phrase in my life, starting back when I was a kid watching the first Apollo flight?  Yes, we were all fixated on that small craft sitting atop a huge rocket getting propelled into space with three or four guys inside.  But, really, it took thousands of people, and lots of different types of connections to make that one moment happen.  That is how I feel about why The Toolbox Conference was the huge success (in my mind) that it was!

All but one attendee showed up, and unfortunately he was not feeling well.  The speaker who was going to psych up the group with his enthusiastic story didn't arrive (logistical problem) and you know what?  We went on and it flowed.  The three gentlemen who signed on as "occupational reps" were fabulous.  They went with the activity and the kids (attendees) had so much enthusiasm, and tried so hard to identify what these guys' occupations were.  Then I discussed an exercise I had given the kids in their registration packets, and again, high energy, lots of questions.  And, the afternoon went splendidly!  One group worked to design a playground.  One group developed a low tech tool to help disadvantaged kids learn to read.  And, the parents' group worked to identify whether a situation was bullying, in the workplace.  I haven't worked on game/simulation stuff like this for a long time, and I felt so at home.   The entire day felt very familiar.  That is a very cozy feeling.

So back to those people who made it happen.  My entire family supported me on this, and that made all of the difference.  The three men who spoke with the kids were gracious, had good senses of humor, and were wonderful examples of great communicators.  My homeschool colleagues who have listened to me go on and on, and especially those who showed up have made me feel throughout the entire process that I was doing something valuable.  I am a truly blessed individual!

And, now, I am working back to normal life (whatever that means).  I had the opportunity to be Michael's date Friday evening at the Karaoke party he gave for his staff.  That too was very high energy.  He and I won a prize for singing Kiss by Prince.  No wonder I was tired yesterday!

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