Monday, February 28, 2011


I met a lovely woman named Holley during our recent trip to Utah.  She was especially lovely because she was helping me improve my very modest ability to ski.  I asked for a very patient instructor.  She was patient, and wonderfully enthusiastic.  She moved my brain past the "death wedge" to a new place!  I have been blessed to have worked with two other amazing instructors, and so I had a solid foundation, but Holley helped me take a huge leap -- of faith, of not taking my fear so seriously, and of allowing myself to get out of my own way.  Something altered in the way that I moved, and I could feel lots of small pieces of experience and information synthesize.  I am grateful for her assistance and sense of humor!  And, for her use of the word "surrender."

I have been reading a book called Three Feet from Gold (Gred Reid and Sharon Lechter).  It has some great pieces of advice, one of which is Stop Overplanning.  When I look at the progress I've made there is no reason to believe I won't be successful as I continue on.  Boy, is that hard to believe as I attempt to take the next step.  It sees silly but I think I have to learn to surrender to success.

So, I revisit that feeling of things synthesizing.  That is something I'd like to help others to feel.  One conference, game and conversation at a time...

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  1. I have always believed flexibility is key. You have to be capable of adapting to change because circumstances WILL change.